Hi wonderful ladies !  Happy Autumn ! The weather has finally dropped a bit and I really love the constant changing season we have here.  The darkness has arrived.  It feels like the focus shifted into inner world and it opens up space for feelings, reflections and creativity.

Autumn is about falling leaves, the color yellow, orange and brown, but I am thinking why not spice it up with flowers ?

chocolate flowers, diy flower cake, flower cake

Would you make this flower cake this season? or shall we wait until next Spring?

chocolate flower cake, diy cake, easy cake decoration

Complete tutorial and template can be viewed at THE CAKE BLOG.

pretty cake, pretty cupcake, chocolate flowers

SUGAR HERO also make chocolate flower cupcakes.  Aren’t they amazing?

You can prepare the chocolate petals ahead of time and use them for unplanned party 🙂  My way would be buying the cake or cupcakes from store and decorate them with my DIY chocolate flowers.  I am sure these will WOW everyone…

Happy create-ing !

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