{Cultural} Bento Art


A friend of mine, Evelyn said that she is into cute bento lately and making it as side business for kids party.  She was the inspiration behind my post today.

A little introduction about Bento.  Bento is a home-packaged meal common in Japanese cuisine.  Japanese are so creative when it comes to packaging.  They serve food neatly and artistic-ly; sushi is one of the example.

My bento was my daughter’s birthday.  I saw similar design on newspaper and thought it was a good idea for my daughter 1st birthday party.  We celebrated at the orphanage home and I thought they deserved a nice and cute meal.

Rice, eyes from raisins, eyebrows from dried pork meat, carrot nose, Japanese fishcake, fried chicken and 2 potato balls in a shape of chick.

Here are some pictures of Evelyn’s bento creations.  Thanks for your inspiration Ev.

Aren’t these cute?

Angry bird cupcake?  I mean cuprice? by mymealbox.comhttp://mymealbox.com/bento/angry-birds-bento

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