I love this Rainbow necklace. I am glad I found the free tutorial.

rainbow necklace, crochet necklace

Source: Etsy

Another tutorial of ‘bead’ necklace using bead instead of fiberfill.

I love these cool necklaces. The ‘Heart and Arrow’ and the ‘Apple and Arrow’.

crochet necklace, heart and arrow necklace,apple crochet necklace, crochet necklace

Rainbow necklace 3

Source: Etsy

I have the 3D Heart Crochet tutorial you can use to make your own ‘Heart’ necklace.  You just have to figure out how to insert the arrow yourself 🙂  I haven’t try making one myself, but I think you crochet over the arrow, instead of inserting the arrow into the heart.  What do you think?


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