Thanksgiving is around the corner so I was eager to make a cake-pop display with Thanksgiving theme.

First, I started with Turkey.  It is not a Thanksgiving without a Turkey, isn’t it?

pretty good for a first timer, huh? Oops, I forgot to put the legs
I got confident by then 🙂
8 different Turkeys, which one is your favorite?

Next was the ‘native Americans’ and a Pilgrim,

when they were young, no hair 🙂
they are all grown up now

Then the Pumpkins etc,

one of my Thanksgiving store display

Can you guess what’s the brown ball with a white heart supposed to be?
How about the one with yellow, green and orange toppings?

answer: turkey leg with a bone sticking out
vegie mix: corns, beans and carrots.  I know this one is confusing but I don’t know what else to put in Thanksgiving centerpiece, do you?  Please share…

Looking forward for Thanksgiving, but first let’s have a Halloween spirit.

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It is my intention to give 'credit' to whoever the picture belongs to, but Ooops does happen. If you find pictures that belong to you without 'noted' source, please let me know.