Every week, we make a batch of smoothies and store them in wide-mouth canning jars.  The lid that come with it has 2 parts and made out of tin which is very susceptible to rust.

This week, on my trip to Walmart, I found plastic ‘Reusable lids for wide-mouth canning jars’.  It comes in a set of 8 for $3.

mason jar, reusable lid, wide mouth canning jar, wide mouth mason jar

Then I went to Target and found more kinds of lids: Lid with infuser to make fruit water.

mason jar, lids

And lid with spout and straw… {to drink Boba in my case}

kerr, ball, mason jar, lid with straw

Which lids do you use the most ?

Don’t forget to check out My Amazon picks for more Mason jar lid options.

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