Savannah had her dental filling the morning of her 1st Grade Picture taken.

Although she made it back to school in time and had her picture taken, she looked somewhat drowsy and a bit swollen.

So the following day, we had our own photo session at my studio.

Here are some of my tips on having a good School Picture Day :

✿ Help your child to pick outfit.  Stay away from busy pattern or anything distracting.  You want to see your child’s face rather than the cute outfit or cool accessories. ✿

✿ Schedule haircuts a few weeks ahead of time to allow hair to grown back a little.  Also, a day old hair is easier to manage than freshly shampooed hair. ✿

✿ Make sure your child has a good night sleep. ✿

✿ Don’t schedule any doctor or dental appointment prior to picture taken.✿

photoshoot, kids photography, fox dress, photo session

photoshoot, kids photography, fox dress, photo session

This picture is ‘not focused’ but I love her pose the most, so I made this as her official 1st grade picture.

model, atlanta, kidsmodel, pretty girl

Faces of Savannah…

facial expression, kids modelling, girl model

This is Savannah’s showing her missing tooth.  Her bottom tooth came off in the middle of the night and 3 days later her permanent tooth appeared.  Unlike her upper tooth which was pulled out a year ago and shows no sign of permanent tooth.

silly, first grade, missing tooth

:: Source ::

Camera and lens :: Olympus

Dress :: Ebay

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