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Welcome to Weddingforté.com.

Allow me to introduce myself, Sanny T., creator of Weddingforté.com.

For the past number of years, I have been helping my family and friends plan for their weddings, not because I was asked or forced to, but because I have always had the passion.

From personal experience, I have realized that most brides want ‘the perfect wedding’ and thus, want to take total control of their wedding. What most brides don’t realize is that wedding planning is a full time job consisting of numerous errands and endless driving all around town.

Today’s ‘bride to be’ has a full time job and an extremely busy schedule.
With those factors in mind, Weddingforté.com was created.

Weddingforté.com is an Internet wedding directory that brings YOU, millions of other brides and wedding coordinators into contact with numerous wedding vendors straight from the comfort of your home, at any time and from your computer screen.

We partner with numerous reputable wedding professionals that are able to help you from invitations to honeymoons.

Have fun planning and let our professional partners help you create the ‘Magical Day’ you have dreamed of.



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