I was introduced to Wendy’s Lookbook and Extrapetite blog by a friend of mine and fell in love with them and their styles.  Wendy and Jane are such a cute and warm gals.  Their passion for fashion really shows in their blog posts.  Pay them a visit when you get a minute or two, I am sure you’ll be hooked just like me :).

Wendy, Jane and I have something  in common: We don’t have a model body shape, nor height.  We are {short}PETITE.

Two obstacles I always have in fashion: can’t find my size and minimal budget.  Who’s with ME?

I am about 5 feet tall and weigh about 105 pounds.  When I was pregnant, I was 10 pounds over weight.  As you can guess, after labor, I keep that 10 pounds.  I tried so many diets and OCD {Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet} has been the one that works for me.  It’s super easy to follow.  I don’t have to starve myself to death.  I can eat normal food.  My goal is to loose 5 more pounds so I can fit on XS or S size clothing.  Here’s OCD quick guidelines:

ocd, diets, way of lfe, deddy corbuzier, ocd guideline,ocd in english

Wendy’s lookbook, Extrapetite and many other blogs are the source of my fashion’s INSPIRATIONS.  However, they feature mostly brand name wardrobes.  Being a stay home mom with close to NO income, superstores and consignment/thrift stores are my favorite places to shop.

In spite of my current circumstances, I am not discouraged but challenged to ‘stye ME pretty’ with ‘wallet-friendly’ way.

Ladies…, I hope you’ll be inspired and support my fashion journey.  I like to hear your comments, your challenges and your journeys too.

Thanks for reading.

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