Everyone needs a little inspiration once in a while and these cool things might do it.

1. Hands-Free Food Bag Holder

This Jokari hands-free baggy rack clip, food storage bag holder measures 8.75 by 3.5 inches overall, and only cost $3.99 on Amazon.

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2. Soda Dispenser

Another product from Jokari that is very useful at home or at the party.  How many times you see people spill or have a hard time pouring 1 liter soda especially when it is full ?  2 units of dispenser for $13.00 (free shipping) on Amazon.

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3. Tea bag holder

5 pcs Snail shape tea bag holder for $1.43 & free shipping on Amazon.

Tea bag holder, tea, christmas gift

4. Nessie Ladles

This Nessie ladle is not only adorable and eye-catching but it has feet to keep it upright inside or outside the pot.  It can be used for soups or punch.   This comes in a  set of 3 in 3 different colors: blue, green and red.  $5.67 & free shipping on Amazon.

nessie ladle, ladle, kitchen cutie, kitchen gadget, ladle for soup, ladle for punch, party item

5. Clip On Strainer

Snap, Tilt and Strain ! The strainer is flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans and bowl.  What I like the most is the compact size so it surely does not take up cabinet space.  Its price has been reduced to $11.49 on Amazon.  You’ll also get garlic peeler / hot pan handle cover worth $5 free with purchase.

clip on strainer, snap and strain, gift idea, christmas gift, kitchen gadget, must have

6. Couch Coaster Drinking Holder

It is flexible and weighted silicone that can hold hot and cold beverages.  Suitable for mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans.  $34.95 on Amazon.

couch coaster, gadgets, christmas gift, gift idea, sofa drink holder

7. Waterproof Notepad

I don’t know about you but my brain generates ideas and thoughts when I am in the shower.  This waterproof notepad is $7.42 on Amazon.  It comes in 40 sheets and a graphite pencil.

waterproof notepad, aqua note, christmas gift idea, stocking stuffer

8. Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids

4 star reviews on Amazon.  One stretchy silicone lid is compatible with many container sizes and shapes.  For $14.49 on Amazon you’ll get 7 BPA free|Microwave safe|Dishwasher Safe stretch lids in various sizes.

reusable lids, bpa free, kitchen gadget, gift idea, must have in the kitchen

9. A divided Non-Stick Skillet

How awesome it is to cook a full meal on a single pan?  This 15″ skillet is only $56.99 & Free shipping on Amazon.

Non stick skillet, master pan, smart skillet, christmas gift idea, kitchen gadget

10. PowerDock 5

Very neat power dock design that can charge 5 of your gadgets simultaneously.  $94.99 & Free shipping on Amazon.

Griffin PowerDock 5, power dock, charger, gadget, electronic

11. Wall mount power surge protector with holder

3 outlet plugs and 2 USB charger ports and 2 retractable holders for smartphone or any devices width less than 73 mm.  4.5 star reviews on Amazon for $14.99 .

Power wall outlet, smartphone charger, smart gadget, christmas gift idea, stocking stuffer

12. NeverWet

Last but not least is Rust-Oleum NeverWet, clear shoe and boot spray.  #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  Spray this product on shoes and boots to repel and protect from damage caused by water.  Only $14.97 on Amazon.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet, waterproof spray, fabric spray

I am getting some of these products as I am writing this blog post.  I am tellin’ you some people is just way too smart and creative.  I can’t wait to use them in my house.

These products are also perfect for Christmas gift and stocking stuffers.  Something very useful for every household.  What do you think ?

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