Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese holidays.  In China it is known as “Spring Festival”, marks the end of the winter season.  It is not an official holiday in the United States, many ethnic Chinese hold large celebration with food, presents, red and gold decoration, new clothing, dragon show and firecracker.

simple yet elegant table settings

The red color is a must have in Chinese New Year celebration, it signifies ‘happiness, wealth and longevity’.  People dress in red to have dinner with family and friends.  The youngsters wish the elders happy new year, good health etc and as return the elders give the youngsters red envelope with money. (sweeeeet)

Pastel version DIY table setting from Martha Stweart

Mexican Paper Flowers perfect for table decoration from Mad In Craft

Eccentric paper flowers – how to click here

Party favor in the shape of flowers? Also from Martha Stewart

I am gonna get busy making these flowers for my client wedding … ciao and stay tune for the pictures.

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