Have you seen Despicable Me?  I have not.  I am a thrifty kind of mom who rather wait for the DVD to come out on Red box than spending $ 10 per person on movie ticket.

For now, I just admire the cute character Minion from the movie and what others are making with this cute guy.

Minion cake

He is my Love at first sight

minion banana, t shirt, cups

Cool addition to dessert table. The t-shirt is a must to have.

Minion crochet hat

Twinkies are back? I am so sold. The baby is so adorable with the Minion outfit.

I am so gonna make the Minion crochet hat.  For my daughter’s classmate.  I hope they’ll be ecstatic.  For this Minion project I am going to follow this tutorial: Chucks for Chancho.

Minion nail, Minion marshmellow

Btw, there are more Minion inspirations at my Pinterest, please check it out and help spread the word by tweeting it or sharing it on FB.

~ Have a Happy Minion Day ~


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