Happy Friday everyone!

I finally completed TRIO Mermaid Tail blanket: 1 for my daughter {Sa}Vannah and the other 2 is for Betty {V’s favorite doll}  and her mom { aka Mommy Betty}.

 mermaid tail, blanket, ariel, mermaid tail blanket

mermaid tail, blanket, ariel, mermaid tail blanket

mermaid tail, blanket, ariel, mermaid tail blanket

Aren’t they cute?

It took me nearly the whole day to make 3 of these blankets.  It’s very easy to make and the JOY last forever.

Savannah is about 40″ tall but I decided to make the blanket to last her for awhile.   I used 1.1 yard Shaz Prism Pink cozy and 0.5 yard Hot pink cozy felt fabric.  They are $ 2.99 per yard.   I hand sewn the scale with embroidery thread.

If you itch to make it your own, here is good tutorial for your guideline: Grosgrain Fabulous

Where is my Inspiration coming from?

I have seen many crocheted mermaid tail blankets and I made one too for newborn, but few months ago I saw a cute {cotton/felt} mermaid tail blanket on @alexiasotelo Instagram.  It was love on the first sight.  If you go to Alexia’s website, she has a Shark tail blanket too.  I’ll buy one from her if I have a son one day.

mermaid tail blanket


“Somewhere under the sea and beyond your imagination is an adventure in fantasy”  Unleash your inner mermaid.

Are you in love yet ?

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