What a hectic day for me yesterday…  I made a bunch of Olaf{s} using battery operated tealight candle.

If you wonder: Who and What are the Olaf{s} for?

They are Savannah’s Christmas gifts for the boys in her class.  I hope they like it as much as we do.

I really enjoyed the quality time I spent with Savannah while making these Olaf{s} and listening to Frozen’s soundtrack.

“Let it go, Let it go …….”

I downloaded 2 Olaf images from Playhood and Shadowness and adjusted the image size using Photoshop so that Olaf’s head is big enough to cover the tealight candle.

Here is the step by step of making Olaf the Snowman:

You need:

1. Olaf’s TEMPLATEs : Olaf 1 and Olaf 2

2. Glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Hole punch

5. Brown Pipe cleaner

6. Battery operated tealight candle


1. Print Olaf TEMPLATE on cardstock paper.

2. Cut the outline of Olaf body.  Cut off the hands and hair.

3, Hole punch Olaf’s nose and make 4 slit around it so you won’t tear the cardstock paper when you insert the tealight candle.

4. Make Olaf’s hands and hair using brown pipe cleaner.  Glue them with glue gun.

5. Insert tealight candle on Olaf’s nose.

olaf, frozen, snowman, kidscraft, tealight, christmas gift

TADAAAA!  You’ve made yourself an Olaf.  You can stop here or you can glue a ribbon necklace on the tealight candle base, or you can glue the candle base on a picee of string to make a garland.

olaf, frozen, snowman, kidscraft, tealight, christmas gift

olaf, frozen, snowman, kidscraft, tealight, christmas gift

It brought warmth to my heart to see my Olaf{s} came alive.  Look at them…they are so happy and their nose lit up 🙂

While I was making Olaf{s}, Savannah was busy making snow flakes… Here’s is her {so called} snow flakes.

olaf, frozen, snowman, kidscraft, tealight, christmas gift

I added clouds too so Olaf won’t melt in hot weather.

olaf, frozen, snowman, kidscraft, tealight, christmas gift

These Olaf{s} have been delivered safely this morning.  And I just realized that I didn’t take picture of Olaf’s with hair…Oooops.

“Some people are worth MELTING for”, said Olaf.  Who are the people WORTH melting for in your live?

Perhaps this is the perfect time to give them many WARM HUGS 🙂

:: note ::

For Savannah’s girlfriends, I made a Crown hair clip. Tutorial can be seen HERE: A Crown for My Princess.

hair dress, crown, diy hair accessories, tutorial, tiara, hair bow

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