Meet {MOM}preneur


‘My business, behind the scenes’

The women profiled here put their creativity to work, sewing (and molding and carving) up profitable business for themselves in the process.

Gigi’s cupcake

Liz Douglass

Her story: ” I started out teaching highschool a few years back and after 4 years I decided to start a family as well as a new source of income through the world of online e-commerce.   We started out in 2010 with one humble shop on ETSY and have grown to 4 shops, one website and a whole lot of wholesaling to large retail companies online……..I earn enough to pay four employees — and can finally afford to go on vacation !’

Liz Douglass, elisabeth michael

Amanda Cowell @

Kristy Bach @

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Source: April 2013, pg 115


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