When Chanel bag is out of reach, why not having the cake?

I love the puffy texture of Chanel bag on a cake.  The Google search for this texture is Quilted Cake.  Some made it 3 dimensional, some made it flat and some made dotted lines just like quilting.

For butter cream covered cake, there is a quilting mat you can purchase for about $ 30.  Ouchhh!
For fondant covered cake, there are cookie cutters with 1-3 square diamonds and 1-3 diamond shape.  The price ranges from $ 11 -$ 30.  Some suggest using  a pizza cutter to make the line.   I tried all of the above.  Cookie cutter leave a sharp cut to the fondant so it leaves a thin line instead of an indentation.  The pizza cutter does the same thing.  Well my opinion is just based on my experience.  It might work for other people.

If you follow my tutorial, you only spend less than a dime.  Yes less than 10 cents to make a black and white print of this template.
SQUARE diamond template

Click on this template and print it at 100% scale.  The distance between dots is about 1″.

Wrap this around your cake and poke hole on the dots with a push pin.  The marks will be your line guidance.
Take a thin skewer.  Yes a bamboo SKEWER for satay.  Push it against the fondant following the dots.  BEND the skewer slightly on the cake top when it starts to curve. That’s it.  I promise you won’t fail.

Tip: make sure your fondant is about 0.25″ thick if you want to create the puffy looks.

Next step would be gluing the non-pareil pearl.  Dilute small amount of fondant with droplets of water to make a thick solution.  Use a tweezer to handle the pearl, dip it into the fondant water solution and attach it to the cake.  Push it halfway in.  It will give you a better illusion of puffiness.  Also a more secure pearl attachment.

Customized rhinestone # 16

For the numbers, I use wooden number, spray them in black.  Cover the front  face with glittered paper or fabric (optional).  Them glue different sizes Rhinestone on it.

I added a double pearl necklace and ribbon to create DRAMA on the cake.  This kind of pearl is the fashion style in the moment.

What do you think?  can you make one Chanel Inspired cake on a dime now?

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