It wasn’t my good morning earlier.  I was in a hurry to blog and post my cake pictures on Facebook when I accidentally deleted some of my cake pictures.  So to release my frustration, I started to decorate my Black Forest cake I made last night.  This was the best Black Forest cake I’ve ever made: taste wise and aesthetic appearance wise.

My aunt who I thought  only good in cooking is good at baking too.  She shared with me this recipe that was given to her by a bakery owner.  I was sworn not to share the recipe.  I am sorry guys 🙁
She wrote the recipe wrong to begin with and I ended up with a burnt cake.  Fortunately I was able to safe the cake.  The texture was good and the taste was good too aside from it being burnt.

Making the chocolate decoration was easy.  I just put a spoonful of melted chocolate on a wax or parchment paper, then used spatula to smear abstract design.

As you can see, I trimmed the cake badly to get rid of the burnt part.

I love the chocolate texture.

There…. a french patisserie quality cake.  With this, I overcame my laziness and fear of doing chocolate based decor.  I shall dedicate this cake for my Valentines.  Happy belated Valentine’s day dear.

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