Miranda Lambert married to one of my favorite country singer, the one and only Blake Shelton.

Brooch bouquet, Miranda Lambert's bouquet

To be honest, I am not too thrill with her bouquet.  But I am liking the idea of having a little surprise and something from people I care.  When she has her bridal shower, each guest was asked to bring a vintage or new brooch to make her bouquet.  How special !

Miranda Lambert set the new fashion trend.

If I were asked to walk down the aisle again….will I wear this brooch bouquet?  Absolutely, but I want the single color one.

People on Etsy taking the bouquet idea to a new level.  Each bouquet ranges from $100 – 1200.  Here are some bouquets I like.

Brooch wedding bouquet

Colorfull bouquet by Etsy seller.

All these mainly white and ‘sparkle’ bouquets are from my favorite Etsy seller.  I am in love with all the bouquets she made

Brooch wedding bouquet
Brooch wedding bouquet
Brooch wedding bouquet
Brooch wedding bouquet

Now I feel challenged to make one hmmmmm.

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