A good design doesn’t have to be expensive.  I am so happy to hear that 🙂  I have visited many model homes in the past and now it’s time to apply what I see.  But budget seems to be the problem but having a small budget forces you to be creative.  Don’t you agree? 

Many websites show good DIY and makeover stuff from thrift store, even whatever you can find around the house.  I am back on my feet.  As long I have my power drill and some screws, I am at work.  My husband is probably laughing about it.  It seems whatever I installed slanted by a degree or two.

My first visit for shopping and  inspiration was Hobby Lobby.  I just love their stuff.  I saw some cabinet knobs that I am in love;  some were modern and some were vintage.  Just to get my feet in the water, I bought three knobs: my husband and my initial, and a silver teddy bear for my daughter.

They were about $ 1.50 each

I used these knobs for hangers.  The initials were easy to install.  I just used drywall anchor and screw the knob in.  The teddy bear is originally a cabinet knob so it has a female adapter on the back, instead of a screw coming out.  I need to cut the flat end of the screw.  Once all three knobs are installed, I will hang personalized tote and a push pin boards.  Yes, I am making my own pushpin board.  I found an old picture frame at the thrift store and still need to paint it black.

see the different end screw I am talking about? flat end vs. open end screw
still need a pushpin board between the two knobs
gold picture frame ready for make-over

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll come back for part 2: DIY decorating your house creatively.

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