As of this week, I dedicate myself to spare 15 minutes a day to organizing task.  I like to do at least 2 of ’15 minutes a day’ series in a week so it won’t be too overwhelming to me.

My first Decluttering mission is to keep my drawer tidy.  I love it when my drawer has everything, meaning it has to have pens,pencils and markers etc.  But not 10 of each kind.  I am also picky about pens.  I only use good pens, so why the heck am I still keeping the ‘not so good’ ones?

My very first mission is Declutter-ing PENS, PENCILS, MARKERS and CRAYONS.  Yes, crayons too…

1. Place 3-4 containers on the table: 1. for pens, 2. for pencils, 3. for markers, 4. for whatever.

2.  Take a deep breath and dump all my pens and pencils on the table.

3.  Throw away pens or pencils that doesn’t work and place the good ones in assigned containers.

4. Pick 2-3 best items from each container and place them back to my drawers.

5. Pick 2 pens and pencils to put in your purse and car.

6.  Store left over stuff in zip lock and put away.

7.  Smile.  You’ve one step closer to a neater home.

For a person like me de-clutter is not just throwing away and organizing stuff but also finding pretty homes for them too.

Have you seen or heard of Urbio?

pencil holder, pen holder, diy pen holder, recycling project, vertical organizer, wall organizer, urbio

Urbio Happy Family Wall Planters+ Organizer

Organizing should be a habit.  The reason we have to organize is because we don’t put things to where it belongs, it’s when we have too much stuff, it’s when we procrastinate, and so on.

Let today be the start of your Decluttering mission.

15 minutes a day, 365 days equals to 91.25 hours = 3.8 days worth of cleaning.

Thanks for reading!

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