If you are craving for sweet close to midnight, try this recipe.

recipe for quick cake

The star, plus and minus sign are my sign to cut down steps 🙂
Ingredients with star are supposed to be mix together first.
Then, add ingredients with plus sign.
Last, add ingredient with minus sign.
Mix everything in a microwaveable mug.  2 t cocoa can be replaced with other flavors you like.  Cook in microwave for 3 minutes.

Do you like my sign language?  I am not good at reading directions so I come up with the signs.

Anxiously waiting for my cake.

1.22 minutes to go …  hungryyyy


Here’s the sneak peak of my ‘Mug’ cake.

A chocolate cake made from scratch, cooked in microwave in less than 5 minutes

My upside down ‘Mug’ cake is ready to be eaten.

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