There are tons of crazy, fun and sophisticate Halloween {food and decor} ideas out there.  I pinned some on my PINTEREST.   From this year on, I want to involve my daughter whose 3 years old to do something for the house, for her friends and for us.  I want her to know ‘how hard‘ or ‘how easy‘ things can be made so she can have appreciations of what she has.

Here are my picks of Halloween {food and decor} for toddlers.


CANDY WRAPPER:  It’s not the quantity but the quality. Kids can only eat so many candies; so give a good one and wrap it differently.

My daughter and I will make mini ghost and mini bats (0.45 oz chocolate bar) which are perfect for classroom treats using this template: mini-ghost-candy-bar-covers PDF  and  mini-bat-candy-bar-covers PDF.

Halloween chocolate wrapper

Witch broom

Pretzel and string cheese. Use fresh chive to tie the cheese to the pretzel.

pretzel mummies



PUMPKIN MUMMIES: Wrap the pumpkins with bathroom tissue, white crepe paper or gauze roll.  Source: Hands On As We Grow.

Pumpkin decor, pumpkin mummy

Pottery barn knock off ‘HANGING GHOST’,

DROP DEAD WITCH: Cut the legs from a pair of striped stockings and stuff them with cotton batting, then glue them underneath a welcome mat and add witchlike shoes.

Halloween mat, halloween outdoor decor


Halloween decoration, balloons

Halloween decoration


Halloween keepsake

halloween keepsakes

I just found one cool necklace for your little one.

diy necklace, ghost necklace, halloween necklace

Ghoul Necklace How-To
Draw ghost outlines on parchment paper with white glue; let set five seconds. Fill in with more glue. Let dry two days, and peel off. Draw face with felt-tip pen. Punch small holes at top; weave string through. Source: Martha Stewart.

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween with your little one?

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