All furniture in my house were bought from IKEA so there’s no vintage looking to it.  We just hang on to it until we find a perfect house we call home. Then, I will do my yard the way it supposed to be, decorate the house with vintage and shabby chic style, have a real working studio etc etc.  For now I just create and adding vintage stuff to my house.

The best place to find ‘vintage’ stuff is Goodwill and other consignment stores, also garage sale.

This is what I plan to add in the dining room:  Burlap place mats and a rattan basket to store the place mats.  If I make my own place mats, it will cost me less than $ 10 for 10 place mats.  The rattan basket will range from $ 10-20.  I suggest to invest a good one, not the cheap looking one.


Basically you need burlap, stencil, acrylic paint, brush and blue painter tape to make these burlap place mats.

For the kitchen, I made a mason jar soap dispenser and threw away all the plastic dispense.
You’ll need mason jar, spray paints, soap dispenser, drill and nose pliers. 

Tutorial click here

I am making these Wall Terrarium too, but with artificial plants 🙂  and paint the jars white and the clams black.

I am hoping to post my creation soon, hopefully by next week.  Till then….

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  • Shashikala

    January 21, 2015 | Reply

    Awesome. simply beautiful.

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