Aside from my busy schedule making a castle cake, 50 cake pops and a quilted cake for this weekend, I was so enlighten seeing this cupcake stand.  I have been in search for a unique cupcake stand lately and this one definitely won my heart. Who would ever thought an old chandelier can be a cake stand….kudos to Jaimie Nye who thought of this idea,

This chandelier stand was an artwork of Jaimie Nye

Do you agree with me that this cake / cupcake stand is just gorgeous?


  • Old chandelier
  • Wire cutters
  • Super glue
  • Wooden craft circles
  • Curvy plate
  • Primer
  • Spray paint
  • Pearl trim or ribbon

First snip off all the wires with wire cutters and unscrew the top.

Next, super glue wooden circles onto the legs. Then glue a curvy plate to the top.

Once the glue is set, take the chandelier outside and give it a good coat of primer. Yes, coating it with primer is very important to get a perfect and true color paint later on. Then spray paint it with your choice of color…The pink in the picture used a dusty light pink. Once it is all dry, decorate the circle plate with pearls or ribbon.

and now you can show off this stand in your next party.  I know I will.

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It is my intention to give 'credit' to whoever the picture belongs to, but Ooops does happen. If you find pictures that belong to you without 'noted' source, please let me know.