The gold chandelier in the dining room has been bugging me for awhile now, and I found out my sis in law hated it too.  Too bad I don’t have the picture of it.  I thought the black chandelier would fit the house better.  After spending short time searching the web, I knew I wouldn’t buy a new chandelier which cost from $ 100 up.  My only choice was painting the chandelier.  So I headed to Home Depot and bought myself a bronze primer and Rust-oleum bronze oil finish spray paints.  They cost me about $ 12. 

Yes, you need to get the primer.  It makes your painting job easier.  you can use a black primer if you will.  The final color is black with dots of bronze.  I love it.
step 1: clean the chandelier
step 2: coat with primer first, let dry
step 3: spray with the final color and let dry

To make it more fancy, I wanna to dress it up with bobeches.  What is bobeche? it’s a saucer used to catch candle wax.  I need 9 pieces of which it’s almost $ 8 each.  I can’t spend $72 period.

acrylic dangle bobeche

 Instead of bobeches, I used the left over acrylic crystal strings from the wedding.  The chandelier you see in the picture is not complete yet.  I still need to re-arrange the strings, but you get the idea.

The whole process from putting the chandelier down, clean, paint, dry and re-assemble took me less than 8 hours.  Quick, EASY and inexpensive. 

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