This chandelier has gone through many transformations.  The original color was gold and I painted bronze.  Then I added string of crystal beads, which looked OK.  I have been meaning to take the beads down and Christmas is the best time.

The struggle with this chandelier is to find the right garland.  I want it to look airy with some thought of vintage.  I came across one at Joann for $24.99 with 50% off.  The garland has vintage decoration on it already, such as small gift boxes, berries, pine cones and old mittens with snow man face on it.

The $ 12.50 garland from JoAnn
Felt Poinsettia with wooden buttons.  Try to stay away from plastic products when decorating vintage.
Pine cone with berries and leaf you can make yourself.  I bought mine, removed the golden string and replaced it with jute.
Red chandelier
Chandelier makeover
That was the best lighting I could capture that represent best what I saw above me while having dinner every night.  Very magical.  I don’t know who started the Christmas color with red and green, but it is Brilliant.  Just totally changed my mood and feeling.  I wanna have Christmas all year long.
This is my Christmas Chandelier.

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