This is what I had for brunch today.

crosissant, brunch, sandwich, dunkin donuts

Croissant + Sunny Side Up + Polska keilbasa + green Lettuce = Dunkin Donuts’ Croissant Sandwich {Simply tale’s version}

Dunkin Donuts was in when I was growing up in Indonesia.  It was kinda luxury to eat at Dunkin Donuts.

My favorite was Marble Donuts and the Croissant Sandwich.

So while I was in Target, I couldn’t resist not to buy the Croissant.  I think Target’s croissant is the best.  I usually make Nutella + Chedar cheese sandwich for my daughter’s snack.  But this time, I decided to recreate my childhood’s favorite.

sausage, polks kielbasa, no msg, comfort food

The original Dunkin Donut’s Croissant Sandwich consists of Sunny Side Up, ham, cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato slices and dressings, but my version is equally delicious.

I top off the sandwich with ABC sweet and spicy sauce.  It’s way more flavorful than regular ketchup.

sambal abc, manis pedas, dunkin donuts, croissant, sandwich

crosissant, brunch, sandwich, dunkin donuts

So next time you want to have a quick tasty brunch, try this recipe.

Enjoy your weekend !

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