Fast Food Cupcake


Oh my … it just make me want to smile.  It’s too pretty and ‘sweet’ to eat.

You’ve probably seen it around before. I know I have.  I switched mine up a little by doing the burger out of chocolate cupcake.  The chocolate cupcake left over from making the Tow Mater cake.  But, if you want more realistic burger, use vanilla cupcake as bun and chocolate cake as  beef patty.

hamburger cupcake

Chocolate cupcake
Icingg: white, red, yellow and greenZip lock bag – snip a small tip off one corner
Tip no. 104 if you have one

Cut cupcake in third.  2 parts for bun and 1 part for beef patty.
Place each frostings in zip lock bags, except the white
Start with spreading white mustard using spatula or back of spoon.
Top with beef patty.
Gently squeeze out some ketchup.  Or, if you like to make tomato slice, make a round design.
Top with yellow cheese.
Then, a lettuce in a squiggly design.  Or you can use icing tip no 104 with fat end in.
Top it with the bun.  Squeeze gently.
(I secure the whole thing with long toothpick)
For the finishing touch, I squeeze out some sesame seeds using white icing.

hamburger cupcake

Other websites I came across is using sugar pearls as sesame seeds but I think my way is easier and faster.  They also use coconut tinted in green as the lettuce.  It’s all up to your imagination.  You can add some french fries made of sugar cookies too, and make the packaging yourself to make it looks real.  But I stopped mine as is cuz. it already made my husband happy.

~ Have FUN decorating your fast food and share some pictures of your sweet fast food ~

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