Fruity Pudding


While making the Fruit pie in my previous blog, I got an order of Birthday Cake/Pudding.  Pudding for Indonesian is like a Jello. A firmer version of Jello.  An hour later, I got another phone call, she wanted all pudding, no cake.  She prefered a chocolate pudding.  Perfect I said.

My favorite to make Pudding cake consists of chocolate cake, sponge like pudding and mocha pudding on top.   Now that I have to make chocolate pudding and make it looks special…hmmm what a challenge.  I decided to make a Black Forest Pudding.  Chocolate pudding on the bottom, kirsch pudding with black cherry, sponge like pudding with rum and topped with dark chocolate pudding, Yummy my daughter said.

I decorated the top with the left over fruit from the Fruit pie.  I also made a thinner version of the custard filling to accompany the pudding.  Since I am extra generous 🙂 I open a can of Lychee and packaged it in a cup for the Birthday Girl.

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