Talkin’ Snack


Petite treats {mini bites}…

Aren’t they cute?

I found this image late at night and trust me I was drooling…  And what a coincidence that it’s night time here in Georgia when I am writing this post.  Why? Why?

Other snack I want to mention is an old recipe…  It has been out and around for years, before the internet was a hit.  It’s NEWMAN MARCUS cookie recipe.  Do you remember getting a forwarded email of this recipe?

So years later, I decided to try the recipe…My family loves it .


{I simplify the measurement to cups and teaspoons instead of grams}

  1. 2 C butter + 2 C sugar. Cream together.
  1. Add 4 large eggs + 2 t vanilla.
  1. Mix 4 C flour, 5 C oatmeal, 1 t salt, 2 t baking powder and 2 t baking soda.
  1. Add 12 oz. chocolate chips.
  1. Roll into 1″ balls.
  1. Bake 375 F for about 10 minutes.

Now this is the secret, if you like your cookie texture gooey, then under bake it {less time in the oven} and vise versa.

:: C = cup ; t = teaspoon ::

Well, my writing is done here and my tummy is growling…  Have a good night !

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