yucca, indonesian drinks, es tape, tape, alcoholic drinks

This drink is called Es Tape.  Es = ice ; Tape = Fermented Cassava root { Yucca root }.  It is an Indonesian drink.

In the United States, you can find Yucca root in Asian or Hispanic store.

Fermented Cassava is easy to make but it takes time to ferment.


yucca, indonesian drinks, es tape, tape, alcoholic drinks, marjan syrup, coco pandan

Fermented Yucca drink


  • 2 pound Cassava root cut and peeled
  • 2 tablet Rice/Tape yeast powder


  1. Cut and peel Cassava roots.  Steam for about 20-30 minutes.  Cool to room temperature.

  2. Pound Rice yeast tablet till they become powdery.

  3. Sprinkle and rub the Cassava root with yeast. make sure all surface is covered with yeast.

  4. Arrange them in an air tight container.

    *** It's best if you can wrap the Cassava with banana leaf and place them in a container ***

  5. Place the container in the warmest area in the house / oven for about 3-5 days. Don't open the container before the 4th days.

    The fermented Yucca Root is done when the texture becomes soft.

Once the Yucca root is fully fermented, you can store it in the fridge.

This fermented Cassava root can be used for drinks, cake, or to be consumed as is.

To make the drink you see on picture, I just put crushed ice, some fermented yucca root and syrup / sugar.  You can also add condensed milk.  Easy, right?

yucca, indonesian drinks, es tape, tape, alcoholic drinks, marjan

For the syrup, I like Coco Pandan flavor by Marjan.

The one in the picture is Ros flavor which is the closest alternative to Coco Pandan.  It’s around $4 per 500 mL bottle at Asian store.

If Asian store is not available around you, try this site: Buy Asian Foods.  Their price is fair and the shipping is only $ 6.95, or free shipping if you spend certain amount.

:: Note ::

:: The rice/tape yeast is different than the bread yeast.  You can only find it at Asian store.

:: Not all rice yeast gives the same sweetness.  Once you find the brand you like, stick with it.

:: Different kinds of Yucca Root give different result in color, taste and sweetness.   I have seen light yellow to orange Yucca root.  The yellow one is light in texture, soft and watery while the orange one is very rich, condense and sweet.

:: Make sure your hand is clean and dry while handling steamed Yucca root and yeast.

:: Do not add sugar or anything else to steamed Yucca Root.

es doger, es campur, indonesian dessert, segar

If you want to be more adventurous, try Doger Ice {Es Doger}.

coconut milk based shaved ice + red tapioca pearls +fermented Yucca Root + black glutinous rice + jackfruits + bread + condensed milk + Cocopandan syrup

In Indonesia, Es Doger is commonly sold by travelling vendor carts.  It’s rarely found nowadays in big cities but if you are lucky, you’ll find it at home-style Indonesian food restaurant.  Warung Tekko is one of them. {Before you open their site, prepare yourself to be tortured by their mouth watering food images … }

If you are not living in Indonesia, you should try my recipe to get the taste of Indonesia.

Happy Cooking !


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