A story of three friends and their kids spending the night of {2015} Halloween together.  Time flies when you are having so much fun.

I hope you enjoy the Photo Journal.

halloween, halloween 2015, trick or treat

Let’s start with EAT.  As always, there is no gathering without good food and drinks.

I couldn’t help not to post all the food we made and impossible to finish that day…

{ no matter how we hard tried to simplify the food choices and quantity, we always have lots of ‘surprise’ menu and end up with too much food }

halloween dinner, cook off

tacos, tamales, sopa, halloween fiestaComida Mexicana

TnS-03831Beef cook off: Carne Asada, Chuck eye Sousvide and Rib eye steak with Chimichurri sauce

devil eggs, asparagus, dessertsClassic Devil Egg recipe :: Martha Stewart

Mango cheese, Brownies, German chocolate and Lapis Surabaya :: Costco, Aldi, LiVana

BBQ Asparagus


DRINK… The winning drink of the night was … Lucky Duck {moscato}.   Don’t under estimate this wine.  The logo might looks cheesy, the price is low but the taste was delicious.  And the source said you can ONLY find these at Walmart wine section.

luck duck, lucky duck wine, lucky duck moscatoBE SCARY…

scary, trick or treatExpression of scared uncle…boys will always be boys

witch, scary witchzombie, scary zombieNot so scary witch and zombie…

the boysSkylanders Night Shift and handsome Thor

frozen, anna, elsa, princessLast but not least, the sister love of Anna and Elsa…

sisterhood, princesses, disney princesses, the witch

halloween, halloween 2015, kids costume, halloween costume

When you combine good company and delicious food, a few {8} hours was definitely not enough time.  We wished we could’ve stayed longer.

Every get together always left me with deep appreciation for our friendship.

:: Special thanks to all who contributed to the lovely evening ::

Private residence and food :: Fonda and Walter

Party Assistant :: Armando and Rina

More food and drinks :: Adri, Sherly and Adi

Photographer :: Adi

Story narrated by Sanny Tee

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