Last week a friend of mine shared this article on Facebook.  It reminded me {WHY} I started this web-blog.

1. I want to give back to the community.  I have benefited so much from people who put so much time preparing article, tutorial on the internet.  I think I should pay forward the knowledge I gained or I’ve already known.  2. I have so much ideas and inspirations I collected over the year.  I have to get it OUT of my system.  3. Be a living example of my daughter.  Be productive.  4. Be creative: create something out of nothing.  5.  Recycle.  6. Be a legacy.  6. the list goes on …

I have always wanna be a stay home mom so I can raise my daughter myself.   Thank God for the luxury.  I believe there are no other people who have the best interest of my daughter other than her own parents.

My parents work hard so I can get the best education out there.  I was raised at work by my working mom.  Since I was young, I have never thought of working at corporation.  I like to work for myself and create my own economy.  My father chose that path too.  He was his own boss and created his economic destiny.  He succeed: 3 kids going to private school and paid for undergrad and grad school for 3 of us in the United States.  I was not successful in convincing my parents to skip college.  I am more an artsy and crafty girl, going to vocational school in Japan would be a better path for me.  Not till, the country had an economic crisis that I was able to survive selling food and craft at the swap meet, my parents were convinced.  Skills and being creative {thinking outside the box}, off course with good work ethic are as important as education.

Long story short, I got tied down on the job I love so much for 10 years.   I always knew once I get married and have kids, I couldn’t continue.  As I told you earlier, I wanna be a stay home mom.  So, I started my side business {being a florist exclusively for weddings}, then other side business started to take place and had to be steered into different directions after I had my daughter.   Good sacrifices had to be made.   I don’t mind as long as I never have to leave home for work.  I don’t want my daughter having to go through the ‘expected’ cycle: get education so that she can get a good title at big corporation.  “With great power, comes great responsibility” said Spiderman.   Good position in corporation will require big responsibility, big stress and more time at work.

This article below has a ‘worth reading’ explanation…to invest tools for our daughter.

Let’s give a scenario of ‘BAKING CUPCAKE’.  Buying cupcakes is cheaper and faster than making one with a 3 years old {after} I factor in the time spent to teach her and cleaning her mess  🙂  Don’t you agree with me?  But the bonding, the memory and the knowledge/skill my daughter gain will last a lifetime and the legacy will continue in her future family.   Maybe one day, she’ll create a successful story like Gigi’s cupcake?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

 I salute all mothers who manage to work full time and take care of family after work.  I can’t imagine being one myself.   I don’t know what path my daughter will choose, but it’s my job to prepare her for the other option.



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